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Graphic pack settings
A graphic pack lets you change the design of Travian and shorten the loading time for each site. You can either choose the one in the list, use a link to an external graphic pack, or use a locally saved graphic pack on your pc.
CAUTION: TravianSkins are only trustable graphic packs :-)

Example: file:///C:/Travian/gpack/ or

More graphic packs
preview name activate choose your world
Standard Standard activate
Jochi Art Jochi Art activate
Travian 3 Travian 3 activate
Anim/Movin Anim/Movin activate
Roma Roma activate
Comix Comix activate
Ambiente Ambiente activate
Desolated Desolated activate
Ecorce Ecorce activate
Winter Winter activate
Wood Wood activate
Crystallized Crystallized activate
Silvester Silvester activate
2112 2112 activate
T2 Classic T2 Classic activate
Desert Desert activate
Nightmare Nightmare activate
Night2 Night2 activate
Excel Excel activate
F187 F187 activate
Plastic Plastic activate
Night Night activate
Nature Nature activate
German German activate
FutuSkin FutuSkin activate
Winter Night Winter Night activate
Oceane White Oceane White activate
Vista Vista activate
Aerandir Aerandir activate
Erendil Erendil activate
Oceane Oceane activate
Sakura Sakura activate
Time Master Time Master activate
Nuit Nuit activate
3Vian 3Vian activate
Romer Romer activate
Travianer Travianer activate
Nuit2 Nuit2 activate
White White activate
Neige Neige activate
Teutoni Teutoni activate
Age of Travian Age of Travian activate
Urban Urban activate
Brave Knights Brave Knights activate
Lune Lune activate
Fantoms Fantoms activate
Autumn Autumn activate
Pravek Pravek activate
Soleil Soleil activate
Space2 Space2 activate
Space Space activate
Automne Automne activate

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T2 Classic
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